Yevhen Bobrov

Getting the truth out of the jammed bytes

Frictionless WCF and Silverlight - Now for Unit Testing

I decided to split material on this subject and so will be publishing it in 2 parts. To not overload an articles and to finally throw something out of the door (I was having difficulties with spare time and motivation). So the first one will be for transparent asynchrony and dual mode execution and the second one will touch on advanced topics.

The first part is already on CodeProject.

Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone

I don’t know for sure if it was a joke or not, but while investigating the source code of John Papa’s recent Silverlight PDC demo, I’ve found some really funny (and weird :) stuff. Just take a look.

Frictionless Asynchrony in .NET With Coroutines

In my last article I’ve mentioned that the approach to asynchronous programming presented in the article could be used in any other non-Silverlight contexts. Since that time I’ve did a lot of small improvements to the codebase and introduced some new classes to support other common use-cases.

Frictionless WCF Service Consumption in Silverlight

I’m writing series of articles on the subject. I’ll be publishing them on CodeProject and will post any additional materials on the blog. The contents so far:

  • Part 1. Consuming WCF services in Silverlight without static code generation of service proxy
  • Part 2. Fixing “all is async” problem
  • Part 3. Benefits of transparent asynchrony in respect to unit testing